Our goals?
What we provide?
What you can do?

The main problem:

Everyday the amount of extremists increases. People from all over the world get exposed to and charmed by extremism, primarily because of insufficient knowledge. There are also german citizens included, mainly younger people in the age of 16 to 25. Unfortunately, issues like „Islamic state“ (IS) and violent extremism are hardly addressed in german schools. This leads to a huge lack of knowledge.


Our intention:

With picture4peace we want prevention through education and an increase of tolerance. Especially young people shall deal with extremism to be forearmed to recruitment activities by extremists.


Our offer:

Free information material concerning the following topics:

  • What is extremism? What are its manifestations? What are differences between radicalism and terrorism?
  • Why does it happen that extremistic communities grow in an educated and enlightened world?
  • What is the target audience of extremists?
  • Which measures do extremists use to acquire new members?


How to support us and join picture4peace:

  • As a teacher you can register on our homepage and download the provided information and files.
  • Raise your pupils’ awareness of extremism.
  • Let your pupils complete the sentence “We will not become extremists because…“ within a creative picture in a group project.
  • Upload the picture on our website.


We will share all uploaded pictures on Facebook on November 22nd, 2015. The class whose picture has got the most likes until December 6th, 2015 will win a prize worth 500€.